kim petrarca

Age: 34
Hometown: Providence, RI 
Singing: It Hurt So Bad
Song By: Susan Tedishci

What is the most fun thing you have ever done?

Performed to a sold crowd at Lupa’s in Providence opening up for Badfish. This was with my old original band, Grey Sanford.

What do you like best about your hometown – the town you are representing?

Well, I’m from Coventry but live in Cranston. Coventry is the biggest small town- everyone knows everyone and there’s a great network of support for local business. The sign reads “Conventry – It Grows on You” Ha!

What differentiates you from other musicians?

I think there is a simplistic sincerity and an open honesty behind who I am and what I do. I feel every word I sing and emotionally attach myself 100% to what I am trying to relay.